• Image of Dancehalls & Supper Clubs

This is the highly anticipated 2012 all band showdown showcasing Si Cranstoun vocal skills to the brink!! Not for the feint hearted, Dancehalls & Supper Clubs is upfront upbeat up-for-it !! This CD is ideal for parties of up to 6000 people!!
It's also great with children - because 'Si' does not swear - he doesn't even say 'bottom'. It's also very 'retro' which is ideal if you are tired of electronic robotic music.

Buy it now - you'll love it !!


1. Coupe De Ville
2. Run free
3. Italian Eyes
4. Daddy's Gotcha
5. Tweet On Twitter
6. Bella Principessa
7. Nighttime
8. Rise & Shine (Vinyl Mix)
9. Moon & Stars
10. Ella Hula Hula